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Car parking sensor system with 8 sensors for rear and front

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Countermeasures are a parachute system that comes with sensors (4 for front and 4 for rear) with screen and buzzer.
With screen-sniff sensors, you will park your vehicle in comfort and safety even if you have no experience.
With the parking system with a touch screen, the eight parking sensors will protect both your car and the front or rear cars, but most importantly you will avoid potential injuries.

Activate with the reverse for the rear and with the front brake.

Set of 8 parking sensors with LCD / LED to fully understand your distance from parked cars and obstacles in the parking process!
It has an LCD / LED display integrated on the car's dashboard with a special sticker to know exactly the distance of your car from any obstacle but also a 4-level alarm!
The set includes a drilling tool with the exact diameter of the sensors for the correct application and positioning of the sensors on the guards.
The front sensors are activated with the brake when the vehicle is stationary, while the rear as we put the reverse.

Operating voltage: DC12V.
Power: 3.6W.
Operating temperature: -20C ~ + 70C.
Detection distance: 0.3 - 2.0 meters.
Detection angle: horizontally> 60 degrees, vertical> 60 degrees.
The set includes:

8 sensors
1 central unit.
1 LCD / LED display.
1 drilling tool.
The necessary cables for operation and power supply.